Bloody Massacre (assassin_tear) wrote in kenny_mckormick,
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Hello! ^-^

Bonjour everyone. I have stumbeled across this community and well, it's small, and on my terms, small is good. So I joined (not only because it's small, but because Kenny is here and Kenny is AWESOME!!!(c)) Now... i have an icon that I shall let you use (a couple actually) and here's all I have to say. Give credit where credit is due.



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Deleted comment

I noticed... it's still the only Kenny community I could find. Hey maybe i should make one... shutting up now.


May 23 2004, 17:21:53 UTC 13 years ago

no why dont u ?
Because I have to make a new account to do that and I'm a lazy-ass. But I've been looking into it lately, and I'm beginning to think about it. I'm going to look into it a bit more now. Wait, who are you?


May 30 2004, 16:35:31 UTC 13 years ago

how the hell should i know
that could be bad... very bad indeed...
this is kool, i like this place