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FANIME CON!!! 2004!!!

OMFG!!! It was fucking awesome! Me and CMM and Jin went as Kenny, Stan, and Kyle (in that order). It was GREAT!! I was sooo photogenic and i got the chance to be in so many pictures for people I don't even know. Like, there was, 'ohh... can Link kill Kenny??' And i was like, 'sure, why not?' And CMM and Brit would stand there with shocked looks on their faces. It was pretty fucking awesome. We had, like, sooooo many people recognize us and tell us that our costumes rocked and stuff like that. For the last twenty minutes we were there I held up a sign that said 'Will die for cash.' and i made seven dollars and... forty... two.... no... forty-five cents. it was kewl. I mean, if i made that much money in twenty minutes, imagine how much money I could have made since I held the sign up the whole frickin time. It rocked. We got picks of some of the cosplay on my mum's camera phone and I'm trying to figure out how to load them onto the net. I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT!!! Done now. It was kewl!!! KIRBY DANCE <^>(^-^)<^> sorry.... outburst. Frerakin' awesome that ppl wanted our picks... I mean, we were afraid no one would know who we were, but people only asked where Cratman was. The only complaint. -sigh- we really TRIED to get rachel into a fat costume... she just wouldn't have it, the spoil-sport. We also met the kewlest people there, like this artist who was dressed as Chi, she said we were the best fan-girls a character could have (we were given the title of 'fan-girl' when we first glomped.) Then there was the random cat-boy/fan-boy. More cat-boy... but he was a good glomper and pays well with a kill. -nods- We got both their e-mail addresses. This fanime con thing is a definate for next year too. Twas great fun!!!
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